Frequently asked questions

Are you Recreational?

No. We are medical only - you must have a valid in-state Colorado issued ID or Passport AND Colorado medical marijuana card.

Do you need a prescription to shop here?

Yes - You need to have a colorado medical marijuana card in order to shop with us. No - Your doctor does not need to write a prescription to shop with us.

I have an out-of-state Medical Marijuana card. Can I use it here?

No - This is a state law. Meaning, the Colorado Law states we cannot accept any out of state medical patients. Some recreational places might offer out of state medical card discounts.

How can I get a medical card?

Go to https://medicalmarijuana.colorado.gov/ and register. You will need to make an appointment with a doctors office. We recommend Cohen Medical Centers located in Denver.

Where are you located

We are located in a brown building across the street from Powder Coating Company. It is the same building as Golden Yoga. Go up the stone steps to the left of the garage and through the right door.

How do I become a member? Does it cost anything?

You can become a member by signing up when you visit our store. It does not cost anything to join. If you are a member at another dispensary, you must be removed before signing over. We will not honor member benefits until removed from that dispensary.